Progeny by Midmark

Preva Plus combines all the benefits of the Preva DC plus the ClearVision® high resolution digital sensor for the ultimate in veterinary dental X-Ray.

All cabling and electronics are self-contained and hidden away inside the Preva Plus, helping to keep the operatory well-organized and cable-free. The ClearVision® Sensor stores safely on the arm and is readily available for the next patient. Capture images with Progeny® Imaging software or with one of several popular Practice Management and Imaging programs.

MIDMARK Preva Plus Intraoral X-Ray

Scan-X Duo

he ScanX Duo is the only dual slot intra-oral scanner available in the Veterinary market that can provide a complete mouth-series images in minutes with less exposures than other modalities.

The unique dual-tract in the ScanX Duo allows you to process two imaging plates of varying sizes at the same time. A complete mouth series with size 4 imaging plates can take a quarter of the time with less exposures as compared to a sensor.

ProVecta HD

Our special generator head-handle not only allows precise positioning, it makes the process more comfortable for both the operator and the patient. DC tube guarantees constant level energy for brilliant images. Reduces the patient dose by more than 25% in comparison to conventional AC units, ensuring greater safety for your patients and staff.

User-friendly display features intuitive icons for quick and accurate selection of tooth area, size of patient, type of radiograph remotely using CAT-5 cable. This state-of-the-art design with small footprint and right angle/parallel technology, allows for installation and operation in less space.