UXR Thank You
We love all the equipment. Even more important, we unconditionally respect our wonderful relationship with UXR. You have always been so supportive of the community veterinary vision we have developed and you have helped us out in so many ways, from outstanding service to discounts to believing in what we do.
Thank you so much for being an indispensable team member in supporting the human-animal bond between disadvantaged people and their important pets.
Connie K. Varnhagen | Alberta Helping Animals Society
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Best investment ever
We decided to go digital for our radiographs. Bianca from UXR explained all the in’s and out’s and, I sincerely think it’s the best investment our hospital ever made.
Dr. Robert Aucoin | Ste-Agathe des Monts, QC
Your local presence added to your commitment to premier customer service also had a large part in our purchase decision. We have absolutely no regrets, and do not hesitate to recommend you.
Dr. Gauvin | Lachine, QC
If the team was available to work for me, I would pay a premium to retain their services. That’s about the best endorsement I can give: courteous, reliable, friendly, on-time, and on spec.
Dr. Hughes | Yellowknife, NT
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