The Matrx VMS® Plus provides more functionality with two shelves for convenient placement of monitors and equipment. Its dual vaporizer mounting capability allows you to easily switch from one vaporizer to another.

Technical Data

  • Includes occlusion valve and starter pack of Sodasorb® LF.
    Dual view oxygen flowmeter—glass tube with a scale reading from 0.2 to 4 LPM—quickly switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger.
  • Easy-to-view inhalation/exhalation valves allow easy monitoring of respiration for patient safety.
  • Automatic air intake valve—opens to provide room air to patient if contents of breathing bag are depleted.
  • Oxygen flush.
  • 1500 cc CO2 absorber with “Quick Release” lever feature for easy absorbent replacement (accepts prepack canisters or 1350 gm loose absorbent).
  • Dome-type inhalation and exhalation valves – no tools needed to disassemble.
  • Scavenging/adjustable pressure limiting valve.
  • -60 to +60 cm H2O pressure gauge.
  • 15 mm and 22 mm diameter corrugated breathing circuits.
  • One and two liter breathing bags.
  • Chrome portable stand with 5-leg spider base and casters.
  • Convenient monitor shelves.
  • Accepts Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vaporizers (one mounting kit included).
  • Dual vaporizer mount capability.
  • Oxygen low-flow flowmeter add-on capability.
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