The LW Scientific ZipCombo centrifuge is the perfect solution to your micro-centrifugation needs! It provides all the performance of popular “STAT” centrifuges at a fraction of the cost. Spin down hematocrits at 12,000 rpm in only 3 minutes. Change the rotor to spin micro tubes at 12,000 rpms for serum in 3 minutes. Then use the digital controls to decrease the speed to spin urines in microtubes, too!

Technical Data

  • Portable and compact microhematocrit centrifuge.
  • Spins four 75mm capillary tubes in angled rotor.
  • Mylar-coated or plastic capillary tubes recommended – vial of 200 tubes included; Critoseal clay available.
  • Powered by a maintenance-free brush less motor.
  • Fifteen minute timer – separations in five minutes.
  • Designed with a small footprint to conserve space.
  • Safety switch lid.
  • Strobe through transparent lid for exact speed.
  • LED power indicator light.
  • Durable lightweight aluminum alloy construction.
  • Speed: 11,000 rpm.
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