Vivix Flat Panel Solution with an image field size of 17” x 17”. The Vivix panel is stationary, mounted in the table.

Featuring the SingleTouch monitor. The SingleTouch Monitor is the only monitor that needs to be in the x-ray room. It allows you to stay table side with the patient, improving safety and convenience.

  • Ideal for imaging large breeds
  • No need to stop and rotate
  • Simply position and expose

The images are sent directly to your workstation.


The Flat Panel digital technology delivers images in seconds, and offers lower exposure time than traditional film systems. With the Image Evaluation software, you can adjust images and diagnose immediately to inform clients in real time.

If you purchase a complete new system or upgrade from a VetRay (Sedecal) film x-ray machine, you will receive the benefit of the SingleTouch Monitor. The Single Touch Monitor is the only monitor needed in the x-ray room.

A 5 foot 4 way float top allows for easy positioning of the patient. Designed specifically for veterinarians it has a longitudinal float of 22 inches and a cross table float of 7 inches. A 6 foot table top is also available if needed.

HF – 32 kW, 400 mA, 125 kVp, 500 mAs single or three phase operation. Generator fits inside table to optimize space in x-ray room.

Allows operator to keep hands on patient for convenient positioning.

We offer installation, repair, and maintenance for this product.

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