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Maximum Versatility

Brio X5Vet, a groundbreaking advancement in veterinary monitoring. With its intuitive interface and expansive 12” capacitive touchscreen, the Brio X5Vet redefines ease-of-use in monitoring technology, making it suitable for a wide range of care settings. Customizable monitor settings, including alarms, ensure personalized user experiences, seamlessly adapting to individual preferences and needs across monitoring sessions. From routine check-ups to complex surgical procedures, trust the Brio X5Vet to deliver unparalleled safety for patients under anesthesia, all while remaining affordable and uncompromising in clinical performance. Elevate your veterinary practice with the Brio X5Vet – setting the new standard in veterinary monitoring.

12.1” Capacitive Touchscreen
Similar to the screen on a smartphone, the Brio X5Vet’s capacitive touchscreen offers a simple and seamless user experience

3 EtCO2 Options
Monitoring EtCO2, 3 options include mainstream CO2, sidestream CO2, and Dual Gas Monitoring (EtCO2 + Anesthetic Gas)

Robust Data Management
Use the included BT Link Next Software to automate vital sign recording and data transfer to medical records

Long-Term Reliability
Practice veterinary medicine confidently knowing Brio carries an industry leading 4 year warranty

Free Training
Free remote monitor training provides tips and insights to make sure you and your staff maximize your Brio experience

Award Winning Service
Need troubleshooting? Reach the UXR service team directly ([email protected] 1-877-440-4494)

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