Delivering the same proven effective, FDA-cleared tPEMF™ signal as the Assisi LOOP®, the new Assisi DentaLOOP™ device is specially designed for use on dental and oral surgery patients.

Simple to operate for easy at-home treatments

Benefits of Assisi DentaLOOP:

  • Helps reduce oral and dental pain and inflammation
  • Helps reduce pain and swelling after dental procedures, orofacial surgery, and trauma
  • Reduces need for opioids and other pain medications
  • Aids in preparation of oral tissues for surgery

Use the Assisi DentaLOOP to help:

  • Speed recovery and reduce pain after dental extractions
  • Reduce healing time and pain after orofacial surgery
  • Reduce inflammation caused by stomatitis and other oral conditions
  • Reduce swelling and improve tissue condition prior to oral surgery

3 sizes

  • Small : 6’’ – 9’’ neck circumference
  • Medium : 8’’ – 14’’ neck circumference
  • Large : 12’’ – 21’’ neck circumference

tPEMF™ Therapy Explained

Assisi Animal Health’s targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy uses electromagnetic waves developed specifically to stimulate an animal’s natural recovery process.

Assisi’s peer-reviewed tPEMF™ signal enhances nitric oxide (NO) production, a key element in the healing process.

By increasing endothelial NO (eNO), the Assisi tPEMF signal activates anti-inflammatory cascades.

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