• Small form factor is easy to maneuver in Surgery
  • Simple and easy to use interface allows acquisition by selecting a patient and a body part

Display unit
Balanced articulated arm. Reduced dimensions, yet still large image display with its 27’’ landscape monitor. Touchscreen interface for adapting and post processing images. Wide sideways extension or the articulated arm with height and angle adjustable monitor.

Flat panel
Available acquisition surfaces range from 21×21 (RF 21) to 30×30 (RF 30) for high resolution images. Removable anti-scatter grid for low dose applications.

Absolute operability
Swiveling multi-touch console allows full access from any side. The operator benefits continuously from an unobstructed view of the live images, while having the controls always within reach.

Compact design
Large diameter, lightweight mobile C-arm for easy access to the operating table. Operators will appreciate the effortless, fast and accurate positioning around the patient. The 2-in-1 solution makes it easy to move withing and between operating rooms.

Modulated power
X-ray emission in pulsed mode with modulated power to suit every procedure type. Excellent dose/image quality ration.

Ready to go

  • Display – View images with a maximum comfort. The monitor height and tilt are adjustable thus keeping it always in front of the operator. No obstacles on the floor.
  • Orbital rotation – Vast orbital rotation range (from +65 to -95) speeds up angular and lateral projections without having to move the stand around the operating table.
  • Angular rotation – Precise movements and wide angles of more than +/- 210 around and in front of the patient.
  • Up/Down movement – The large vertical movement rage of 450 mm turns this C-arm into a vey versatile unit.
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