SHORL-LINE Continuum Flat-Top Surgery Table

Shor-Line crafts a durable and elegant table from one piece of stainless steel with raduised curves to remove the possibility of sharp edges. This keeps this table seam-free, which helps promote a bacteria free environment.

  • Durable stainless steel top stands up to decades of surgery.
  • Attachment rail system runs continually along the sides and ends
    of the table.
  • Four sliding, quick-release, cam cleat tie-down attachments come
    with the table, allowing you to tighten them in any position along
    the rail.
  • Continuum Surgery table base is a distinctive stainless steel
    hemmed column with a clean and sophisticated design.
  • The round, tubular “X” base is designed with enough clearance
    for feet and other surgical tools that need to be in close proximity
    of the table.
  • The base is powder-coated gun metal grey and will stand up to
    cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • The Hydraulic Jack allows you to place the table anywhere you
    want with no cords.
  • Table can be lifted from 30½” to 41″ via hydraulic mechanism.
  • Specs: Extra large 22″W x 60″L flat top.

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