Digital DX-V

Vivix Flat Panel Solution with an image field size of 17” x 17”. The Vivix panel is stationary, mounted in the table.

Featuring the SingleTouch monitor. The SingleTouch Monitor is the only monitor that needs to be in the x-ray room. It allows you to stay table side with the patient, improving safety and convenience. The images are sent directly to your workstation.

MINXRAY Vet Rocket X-1

Vet Rocket X-1

When you need a portable, wireless and reliable digital imaging system, the X1 by Vet Rocket is your answer.

Built for durability, ease of use and portability, the Vet Rocket X-1 offers superior image resolution for diagnostic imaging wirelessly. Paired with MinXray’s TR90B Battery Powered x-ray unit and Canon DR Panel, the X1 by Vet Rocket system is your complete portable radiography solution in the field.