The PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill uses high-quality materials to guarantee a long life span and simple care. The underwater treadmill consists of two chambers: The water storage reservoir and the therapy basin with the treadmill.

Owing to the low extents and the light weight, the PHYSIO-TECH Underwater Treadmill can be installed without modifications to structural measures in almost every animal medical practice. The optimized construction ensures easy handling, security, hygiene and water consumption economy.

Technical Data

Weight (Net Weight) ca. 215 kg ca. 215 kg ca. 380 kg
Weight (Max Water Level) ca. 835 kg ca. 835 kg ca. 1100 kg
Maximum Water Capactiy 620 L 620 L 700 L
Dimensions of Tread 154 x 34 cm² 154 x 34 cm² 156 x 34 cm²
Treadmill Distance Above Floor
At Home Position of Treadmill 27 cm 27 cm 27-22 cm
At Maximum Elevation of Treadmill 48 cm 48 cm 27-22 cm
Maximum Depth of Water
Over Treadmill 68 cm 68 cm 68 cm
Treadmill Speed 0.32-3.2 km/h 0.32-3.2 km/h 0.55-5.5 km/h
Inclination From Home Position 14% 0-14% 0-15%
Power Requirements (AC) 230 V (16 A) 230 V (16 A) 230 V (16 A)
Drive Motor Gear Motor
mounted) Gear Motor
mounted) Gear Motor
Motor Power 350 W 350 W 370 W
Pump Power 900 W 900 W 2 x 900 W
Heating Power 3 kW 3 kW 3 kW
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