Bionet introduces the portable, versatile, and affordable GA3VET EtCO2/anesthetic gas analyzer. At just 2.46 lbs, the GA3VET gives you portable cordless control with sidestream EtCO2 and anesthetic gas monitoring. All with easy wireless compatibility and FREE BT-Link Pro and BT-Link mobile app for real-time monitoring and data recording.

Technical Data

  • Provides EtCO2, FiCO2, Respiration Rate, Anesthetic Agent Concentration, and MAC (Minimum Alveolar Concentration) parameters.
  • Helps ensure anesthesia maintenance through monitoring MAC parameters.
  • May help prevent overdosing or underdosing of anesthetic gas.
  • Monitors anesthetic gas concentration to help ensure proper vaporizer function.
  • Records EtCO2 and Anesthetic Gas Volume during surgery via automated record keeping software (BT-Link Pro).
  • Fast 30 sec. warm-up time upon system initiation.
  • Optical Bandpass Filtering technology eliminates the need for frequent calibration
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