Classic Flat-Top Surgery Table

Premium stainless steel is crafted with smooth, radiused curves to a graceful but functional, seamless table that promotes a bacteria-free environment.

Heated V-Top Surgery Table, Hydraulic

Continuum Flat-Top Surgery Table

Pureline M6000 Anesthesia Machine

Stop paying for tanks, refills and deliveries. Stop wasting time on tank billing, scheduling, management and maintenance. Instead get your oxygen for free, the natural way–from the air. Built specifically for veterinary use, Pureline M6000 Anesthesia Machine with O2 Concentrator is FDA approved, UL tested and backed by a full 10 year warranty on the Anesthesia Machine and a 3 year warranty on the O2 Concentrator.

Matrx VMS

Matrx VMS Plus

Matrx VME2

Matrx VME2 Wall Mount

Micro-Temp LT

The Micro-Temp LT® heat therapy system allows the caregiver to set the water temperature between 20°C and 42°C (68°F – 107°F), apply a CSZ localized temperature therapy pad, and be confident their patient is receiving the optimal benefit of heat therapy.

Bovie 1250S-V, Specialist PRO

Cryosuccess Liquid Freezing